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Hi, I’m Erica

The creator of Erica Voyage – A budget-friendly fashionista.

I created this blog for all the girls who are fashion lovers like me and want to create original looks without having to break out their bank account.

Who wouldn’t want to have a closet full of beautiful clothes like Serena van der Woodsen? But if we cannot afford to live in the Upper East Side, how can we do to be fashionable without spending a fortune?

Good news! You don’t need to wear dresses costing thousands of dollars to be trendy and stylish, even a dress on a budget can make you look beautiful if chosen carefully and glamorized by the right accessories.

So, the idea of this blog is to be a reference point for all those who want to dress in style, but have a limited budget. In my posts, I will give you tips on the latest trends, on how to create unique looks to enhance your figure and on the best sites where you can buy your clothes.

And remember, you don’t have to be a star to care about your appearance, the secret of many successful women is only doing all you can to look your best. You too can become the woman on the street with enviable style.

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